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HQ 5-million Civic Field Army

To be activated for the cleaning of the Republic of Korea

Dear Fellow Patriots,

Our country is almost occupied by and controlled by leftists. As evidence, we see that Moon Sung-Geun, one of the key left wingers in South Korea, is now forming a group of malcontents that could number more than one million. This surrender of our society to leftist zealots is not the democracy that our nation envisioned with hard-fought sacrifices to stand where we are today.

We watch as our society is being rotten to the core. Nonetheless, no capable leader has stepped up to bring balance and control back to the nation. Most of the countrymen are sitting on their hands while we approach a near state of anarchy. We could be trapped by a most critical situation.

As if it were their prime time like a swarm of locusts in the ripe rice paddy in autumn, politicians, public servants, judges and other ranking officials are hungrily scooping our country showing complete air of indifference to the critical situation.

Though it seems to be difficult, we have finally decided to stand up and save our country, believing that this is the only solution at this crucial juncture. Rallying some of our patriotic seniors and kindred spirits we have hurriedly agreed to begin a campaign to reverse the dark trends in our nation.

We have decided to gather initiators. What we are planning is that we will first invite more than 100 initiators who have overwhelmingly agreed with us and gather 500 million followers.

Every member is therefore cordially requested to bring his and her best effort forward to have this campaign momentum and be on right track. Because this united action is thought to be the best solution for all of us to save our nation, we have resolutely decided to march forward.

My firm belief is that should we fail, there would be no hope. Should you agree that this is the only counter-measure at this critical moment, please do not hesitate to give us full support by doing your best.

We have no single idea to found a political party. There are no kindred spirits in our team who wish to put their noses in the field of politics. We all just want to open a democratic field for our patriotic fellow countrymen. I am sure there will be a lot of patriots with comprehensive agreement to exercise countrymen's united power. In these terms, we are determined to demonstrate united power of our patriotic fellow citizens by raising our colors and fortifying the bridge ahead of us.


Good luck to you all!

Jee, Man-won


HQ 5-Million Civic Field Army

Seoul, South Korea

Announcement for Activation of 5-million Civic Field Army

The Republic of Korea, corrupt beyond recognition, can no longer wait for hope to extract us from this crisis. Politicians who have an obligation to maintain a corruption-free nation will undoubtedly object to this national cleansing campaign because they are far more interested in reaping personal benefits, uncaring about the future of others, only of themselves.

These kinds of people cry for national advancement. And they point to new infrastructures like wide roads and high rise buildings as advancements in the nation. But to be recognized as a legitimate advanced country, there must be social morals, dignity, values, ideology, a noble manner and an embrace of our rich culture. Therefore, a highly-developed social system is -- not gleaming new downtown towers or new road dedications -- is an absolute necessity so our country can stand tall, truly as an advanced country with our national soul intact.

So, how can inexperienced, non-caring bums lead our country to heal and recover? They can't! If we leave it to them, our country will be barren of our history, culture, our soul as the left-leaning heretics continue to scoop up personal profit and publicity.

Now we have at last found a new way to reverse this negative direction. When million patriots are united, we will be able to, in good faith, exercise our power for a sort of reformation. The more united, the easier we can call for a reformation.

Whatever the difficulties are, we have to endure them believing this is the only way to move forward. This will be the direct democracy people can establish by themselves, and we are now ready to write a new chapter in our history. I recall a famous saying left by Mr. Cheong Ju-young, the late chairman of a conglomerate, that goes, "Have you ever tried to do that?" We will wait for those who are ready to devote themselves to their country. And here is how we can begin to accomplish our goals.

In 1807, Germany was defeated by troops led by Napoleon. Afterwards, despite countless difficulties a famous philosopher, Mr. Fichte had suddenly appeared in Germany. He said "Germany was defeated not because of the lean troops but because of the corrupted sense of morality and selfishness. We have to build national soul through education".

Afterward 64 years later, in 1871, A German hero, General Moltke Helmuth von said after conquering France "Today's victory was made by neither me nor men and women in uniform, but because of the teachers who taught students in excellent way".

Now, the Republic of Korea badly needs 5 million warriors like German philosopher, Fichte. We have to set up new sense of morality together with educational revolution. I would like to introduce following 10 objectives as symbolic concepts.

1. Cleaning of the political field:

We need to reduce the present number of law makers down to its half and adopt the concept of a wider, better represented electoral system. National Assembly members are supposed to be professional experts who have to serve the nation by making laws. Funds being paid to law makers for the purpose of research up to certain level should be directly made by government. The embarrassing joke of paying ex-lawmakers "dignity maintenance" with the public's money should be eliminated. Candidates who favor their supporters with little-known pork-barrel handouts must go out. Presidents who wish to take advantage of the Election Management Authority should be impeached. Politicians involved in irregularities should be banned for 20 years from running for office. They know no shame.

Under no circumstances should people run for high office, like legislators or higher, be able to enter public service without having completed military duty. Legislators should immediately halt the appearance of conflict of interest when they concurrently perform jobs of either cabinet members or lawyers. If a National Assembly member is arrested and convicted of a crime, they should be held to a higher standard and receive a more severe prison sentence than ordinary citizens. And all elections will have to be carried out simultaneously.

2. Cleaning of the Judiciary:

Judges, prosecutors and lawyers will, in the case of violating existing law, should be sentenced to much heavier punishments in jail and be removed from office immediately. All sentences should be mandatory time served -- no special treatment for the high and mighty, no double standard. There will be no discretionary authority -- such actions will further erode the public confidence and remind the nation that the "almighty dollars" is supreme, not human advancement and dignity. A watchdog committee should oversee the rulings of all judges, to avoid a judicial dictatorship and offer no special treatment for current or former public officials caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Discontinue the policy of allowed connected officials to pay for their prison sentence -- they belong behind bars because they have violated the public trust.

3. Cleaning of the local autonomous entity:

The nomination for leaders and members of local parliaments by the political parties should be eliminated. The central government should exercise proceeding rights proportionately with the fund supported. The Superintendent of Schools, one of the most important posts in our society, should be appointed by respected education leaders and not named by powerful politicians for their cronies. Local parliament members of City and Gu should be abolished and replaced with residents' auditing system. Local Assembly in the wide area should be downsized to 1/3 scale and their mission will be limited to auditing function.

4. Cleaning of general public sector:

The more public servants, the more red tapes. We need to reduce the number of public servants to a 1/3 scale and bring best efforts in training and enlist think tankers for a more sophisticated, advanced globalization. The Board of Audit and Inspection should belong to the National Assembly and improve the auditing quality by recruiting as many elites who majored in business management. The Board of Audits and Inspection should exercise power by auditing to the top -- the President himself. All existing committees should be abolished and labor unions in the public sector should be strictly banned.

Public servants who destroy public records should be punished with a sentence similar to the capital punishment.

5. Cleaning of the market economy:

As done in the advanced countries, market economy offenses should be strictly punished. Monies kept in borrowed-name bank accounts should be confiscated. No statute of limitations should be allowed in more serious cases. Labor is an object of a transaction, thus, violations by the labor union should be no longer allowed.

6. Purification of views of country:

Persons who insist so called centrism should not be either politicians or high ranking officials. Top-notch national merits are the ones who have protected and saved the Republic of Korea and should be valued for their experience and understanding of the world beyond our borders. Inspection should be carried out to scrutinize exploits of those so called democratic merits. Anti-government organizations should be disbanded. Whoever violates existing National Security Law should be banned from entering into field of politics.

Those who have secretly contacted North Korea without permission and those who are found to have been involved in irregularities in connection with military supply contracts should be punished under the law of benefiting the enemy.

7. Reinforcement of the governmental authority:

Tougher reinforcement of the law should be applied. Invocation of self-defense power of the public authority at the level of those in the advanced countries should be secured.

8. Cleaning of the society:

Criminals such as poisonous foodstuff manufacturers, harmful medicine manufacturers, ideological criminals, market economy offenses, felonies and heinous criminals should be heavily sentenced. Capital punishment has to be carried out.

9. Cleaning in tax administration:

Present tax rates should be reformed and evasion should be prevented. Tax for vehicles should be imposed proportionately in accordance with market value so that automotive owners can prolong its life by having periodical repair and maintenance. Separate tax imposition on selling and buying of a house should be suspended, and instead one tax imposition on one transaction combining selling and buying together should be implemented. Those who have paid more taxes should be treated with honor and entitled to receive silver benefits that are commensurate with what they had contributed. Tax evasion made by leadership of society should not only be heavily punished but they should also be removed from office.

10. Cleaning of the education circle:

We can hardly find high school graduate workers in the medium-sized industries which are the core repository of job creation. If workers were all college graduates, medium sized industries, infrastructures and homes would meet with destruction. Students who have less interest in studying should be trained and given excellent opportunities to display their talents in various skills with commensurate remuneration and benefits from the early stages. Reduce the unrelenting pressure to have college degrees with reduction number of collages.

Freshmen at the national universities shall bear no tuition and from the sophomore they will be entering a system run with a few promising students. Unlawful educational autonomy system should not be permitted.

Tel: (02) 3478-9284, 595-2563  Fax:(02) 595-2594

E-mail: jmw327@gmail.com   Homepage: www.systemclub.co.kr

Bank Account: Kookmin Bank

Leaders: Jee, Man Won(Chair KMA#22) Song,Yong In(Rep. ROTC #5) Jung, Hun Chee(Rep. ROTC#5) Im, Jung Teak(Rep. ROTC#5) Yoonj, Myung Won(Rep. ROTC#6)

Advisors: Jang, Kyung Soon, Lee, Dae Yong, Park, Jung In, Jun, Jae Hyun, Chaem Byung Yul

Jee,Man Won


HQ 5-Million Civic Field Army for the cleaning the R.O.K.


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