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작성자 stallon 작성일14-11-10 20:38 조회1,090회 댓글7건


Announcement of A Shocking Research Result to the Press at Home and Abroad

Researcher : Jee, Man-won, Ph.D  (Korean national)

Subject: The May 18th Kwangju Revolt was a perfectly plotted operation conducted by 600 North Korean killer-trained commandos to secure bridgehead for invasion by instigating social misfit rioters during the turmoil. The code name of the 600 commandos was" 600 students from Yonsei and Korea university".

First off, I would like to disclose the shocking result of my research. The former North Korean dictator, Kim Il-sung started, right after President Park Jung-hee's assassination  in 1979, deploying killer-trained commandos one after the other with 10 to 30 infiltrators into the Kwangju area and finally gathering 600 secret commandos until the day of May 18, 1980. At that time the Kwangju citizens called the commandos 600 students from Yonsei and Korea university in Seoul.

The NK's special commandos did not come to Kwangju to fight in the face of South Korea's then martial law troops, but just to instigate about the clueless group that was disgruntled with the government. They had them participate in the riot as expendables and finally wanted to connect the riot situation to an all out invasion opportunity by expanding the turmoil throughout the whole country.

The mob brutally slaughtered Kwangju citizens by beheading them with a power saw and burning them to death, where they then passed the buck to the riot troops. It was confirmed that more than 70% of the total 166 dead bodies had been murdered by the special commandos deployed from the North.

Neither the national intelligence agency and the armed forces under previous administrations uncovered these facts nor picked up on any suspicion. The facts were not handled in the two times trials on the May 18th Kwangju Revolt case held in 1981 and 1997. Consequently, it is strongly insisted that the judgments sentenced in both 1981 and 1997 should be judicially nullified.

Firstly, the North Korean Communist regime has slyly violated the Armistice Agreement on a large scale unawares to the ROK forces and the United Nations Command.

Secondly, North Korea has schemed a sly guerrilla war without proclamation, which is a perfect violation of International Law.

Thirdly, North Korea has committed unpardonable atrocities against Kwangju citizens by killing more than 100 innocent people and leaving more than 2,000 injured, which, I believe, has to be brought to the UN Commission on Human Right violations.

To her shame, the South Korean government has not only treated the May 18th Kwangju Revolt as one of the most honored and sacred democratic movement but also commemorated every year with North Korea abreast, recorded it in the textbooks and treated the traitors who blindly followed the 600 insurgents as the highest national honorees.

I have manifestly arranged the research results together with photos in the book titled " Final Analysis Report on the May 18th Kwangju Revolt (336 pages) published on October 24, 2014. I am certain that my research report is clear and irrefutable. I will be pleased to send the book with the compliments to those who may wish to receive it for the purpose of press release.

I, the researcher of the fact, am a Korea Military Academy graduate (1966) and served as a battery commander for 44 months in the Vietnam War. When I was in my rank between Captain and Major, I obtained a master's degree in business management and a doctor's degree in system analytics (applied mathematics) at the US Naval Post Graduate School.

Thereafter, I worked in the capacity of a senior researcher for the Korean Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA) for 8 years and retired as colonel. After being retired, I had taught students for a while at the USNPS. I started working as a civil activist, a lecturer and researcher up to present since I returned from the United States in 1991.

I have analyzed all the investigations and trial records of the May 18th Kwangju Revolt that consists of as much as 180,000 pages and the 250,000 pages of South-North related materials for last 12 years. In addition, I have published 8 volumes of historical documentary (3,000 pages). I sincerely hope these facts would be acknowledged by those who have a good conscience. The book was also mailed with a cover letter to President Park Geun-hye on November 3, 2014.

Thank you.


Jee, Man-won, Ph.D

Rep. www. systemclub.co.kr

Chairman of the CFC 5M

e-mail: jmw327@gmail.com

Telephone: (02)595-2563 (070)7766-0028(direct line)

Telefax: (02)3472-9284



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